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Incorporated in 1951, we focused on selling sewing threads and raw yarns for socks, and started the industry’s first production and sales of synthetic fiber’s sewing threads such as nylon and polyester.
Before long, we started developing and producing our original materials for sock yarn, and also started producing knit yarn as well as sewing yarn.
We created the color sample book by product number for each thread, and adopted the stockpiling production ordering system in which the customers can select “what and as much as you need” from it.
And we succeeded to establish an epoch-making sales system that can ship products on the day the customer ordered.
In 1989, we expanded overseas and have been establishing many related bases since then. According to the expansion of the customers’ manufacturing bases, we have been developing various businesses such as production and sales.
In 2018,we started selling the artificial and synthetic leathers which imitated natural leather, coated polyester and nylon with polyurethane.
Making use of our expertise, now we are actively working with the universities and venture companies across industries of yarn and apparel.

Handling products

Producing, processing, sales and trade of sewing threads, dyed yarn for knits and auxiliary materials, artificial leathers, non-woven fabrics and textile products.


Though we are a textile manufacturer, we also work as a trading company dealing with textile.
According to customer's request, we manage the production,processing, and import/export, not only in Japan but also in overseas.
Now let us introduce our primary business.


We keep sewing threads and dyed yarns for knits of socks and sweaters in stock and we can deliver as much as needed when the customers need it.
We have 4 types of sewing thread -Sankabuto, Hoshikabuto, Span Elecut and Woolly Elecut, and 70 types, 9000 colors of knit yarns.


We stockpile 30 colors of each Crester® lining, Crester® S lining and Crester® stopper made based on Kuraray® (high quality artificial leather) by Kuraray Co., Ltd.
They are very versatile to use such as shoes, bags, clothes, household goods, and furnitures. We will propose various products according to the customers' demands.


We develop products such as functional fibers and chemical products with the original materials and the wide range of networks.
We work on with the customers together, based on our overseas yarn, to produce from clothes, functional household goods to ecological products with biodegradability.


Ahead of the industry, we started trading with China in the 1990s, and now we are not only with China but also expanding to Southeast Asian countries, mainly ASEAN.
We propose various products, from textiles to products related to fiber materials, auxiliary materials and chemicals related to these products according to customer needs.


With original researchs and developments to create "more sellable" products and sales channels, and we will propose them to the customers.
Furthermore, we propose projects of original fibers that can meet the customers needs in and out of Japan.


We have a trading office in Shanghai and dyeing factory in China. We perform spinning dyeing selling in many areas of Southeast Asia.
Currently most of the fibers are produced overseas, and we also focus more on researching and developing and foreign materials to make our customers' lives better.


Miyama Group is tackling social issues through selling textile fibers in and out of Japan, and overseas, and will aim to achieve SDGs, which is internationally agreed goal.
We will do our best to provide an environment where people can live better and create better things.
You can see our actions to achieve the SDGs from the link below.

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